Zine (n.): a raw and inexpensively produced, self-published, underground publication

a non-exclusive, all-inclusive informal publication generated to expose through creative expression a whimsical portrayal of the raw emotions and unexpurgated opinions of students just like you.

Zine Club is a creatively open, anarchical platform for students to publish their work and, most importantly, their OPINIONS, which are generally suppressed by popular media, society, exclusive publications, or plain fear.

although this is a zine run by students at Great Oak high school, any student on the world wide web who maybe sorta kinda wants to submit SHOULD. any questions you have can be emailed to us at gohszineclub@gmail.com

EDITOR: Shaylie Foley, sophomore

EDITOR: Alyson Williams, sophomore, brokenumbrellablob.blogspot.com

MUSIC EDITOR: Zoe Craven, sophomore

Spotify: zineclub

Remind 101
(951) 801-4846
text: @gohsz

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