e-mail your stuff to us at

art of any kind - collage - poetry - fiction - opinion - photography - comics - music - playlists - short film - any other creative idea that we were too general to come up with

submissions open to any high school/college students OR ANYONE who wants be heard. don't shy away from submitting, as per the nature of this zine, we try to incorporate most submissions sent in that we feel connect in some way with the theme.

if you don't make the due date, feel free to send your stuff in anyways and we will review it for coming issues.

please contribute things that are your own original work. by submitting your work to us, you are authorizing us to print your work and pair it with other works. if you change your mind and would not like your work to be published, please let us know before the deadline for all submissions.

GUIDELINES: please include . . .
1. name
2. grade
3. location
4. blog/tumblr/email if you got one
5. a little writing about the piece, if you would like

 DUE DATE #2: MARCH 20th

the theme/thought of the second issue is: "I DON'T KNOW YET"

all staff are required to submit, at minimum, three pieces of creative work for every issue of the zine. if you have any interest in becoming part of the staff as a contributor, hit us up at, as usual. Include your name (first, last), grade/age, where you live, an example of your work, and a bit about yourself.

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