Saturday, November 29, 2014

rise of the dawn of the DEADLINE

hey folks.
so, yes, December 4th is coming up.

- we got a lot of submissions that will help to make a great zine
- had great turn out for our first session!
- amazing responses from some grown ups and international peeps
- so many great people got involved and donated
- yay party yay
- you got 5 days left to turn in that last piece(s)
- still gathering that last $30
- still planning said party
- ummm A LOT OF WORK (but we enjoy it ;))
You have all done so much amazing work for us!  We will continue to accept $donations$ after the deadline, but the sooner we reach our $50 goal, the more secure we feel :).
IN ADDITION we have all been peeing ourselves (on the inside) over the turn out and participation in the club! The zine is nothing if it doesn't reach people, so we have been so lucky to have so many people interested so early on.
I know what you are thinking. we are constantly asking for your opinion and what you would like to see from the club, but so far, your idea hasn't really been used. We definitely have your ideas in mind and are working on some things that will incorporate them into our meeting and what nots. Trust us, we are getting there. Just wanted to put that out there.
Alyson and Shaylie

Monday, November 17, 2014

friendsgiving :0!!!

this week at ZINE CLUB: Friendsgiving!!!!
I must give credit for this spectacular idea to Shaylie, Coco, and Leea, whose minds paralleled long enough to cough up this great idea.

the point of a Friendsgiving is for everyone to bring something, if even just a couple extra fruit roll-ups, to kind of put together  in a pot luck and have our own little Thanksgiving of high school children. this is really low-key but also really going to happen, so please - don't skip that essay and bake a pie - but do contribute something. anything will do! I just picked up a hot jar of trail mix from target, to give you an example. I was just about to add something about how nicely trail mix ties in with the theme of a Friendsgiving and zine club in general because, ya know, diversity, but decided not to be annoying about that for today.

accompanying Friendsgiving will be a little group discussion regarding a topic that is yet to be announced. we noticed that our meetings are mostly comprised of us telling you all stuff and then having an activity. we want to interact with you guys, and, from the feedback on the anti-quiz #2, you guys do too (aww, shucks)! for this to be the best it can be, PLEASE BRING YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!!!! I know we say this every other sentence, but we mean it especially this time, because the people are what make a Friendsgiving and a group chat worthwhile. SO MAKE IT WORTHWHILE AND BRING THOSE FREAKS!

all of you best go follow us on instagram (@gohszineclub)!
media editor Aleah is holding down the fort over there, so go make us look alive with some likes/comments and all that jazz.

happy Friendsgiving
(or sad Friendsgiving; it's your party and you can cry if you want to . . . although we would hate to see you down)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

roxine helberg and meeting #8

finding good short film is just MMM MMM GOOD.
here's a gem from Roxine Helberg with MILES FREAKIN TELLER.

meeting #8 is upon us. bring anyone, bring everyone (basically our motto). we just want to reach more people and have more people participating. by the people, for the people - BUT ONLY IF THE PEOPLE ACTUALLY TURN UP!

we are still hunting for a secretary! supa cool ALEAH ANTONIO is our new media director, so now you have her to thank for the mid-chew candids and eyegasm-worthy instagram posts (??? wwhat haha ???). If you aren't feeling secretary but want to be part of the staff, email/text/comment, and we will see what we can do!

also, we are so incredibly appreciative for all of you that have made donations! we went from $5 to over $14 as of last week. If we keep this up, we can totally make our $50 goal! if we happen to collect more than $50, it might just have to go to making the Launch Party more awesome-er ;)

as always, if you have any suggestions, ever, EVER - you know where to find us.


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Natalie, Maggie, and Anke are cool, too

Natalie Neal is a photographer and filmmaker who has done work and been featured in Nylon Magazine, Oyster Magazine, Foam Magazine, Urban Outfitters, Columbia Records, and so many more. She also directs and produces AWESOME short films such as "Rose and Sophia" and "Seashells", which will premier soon.

Maggie Thrash is a staff writer/comic artist for the amazing Rookie Mag. Her awesome short fiction, comics, and other musings are at the link.

Anke Weckmann is an illustrator and zinester who is etsy-popular and just does freaking cool stuff.

If you have any questions for these cool people that you would like us to ask them on behalf of you guys when we get to chatting with them for the zine, PLEASE TEXT/EMAIL US!!!! Really, it's okay . . :)

Friday, November 7, 2014

meeting #7

pros and cons of meetin #7:

- went from $5 to $14 YOU GUYS ARE LOOVVEEE thank you for helping ;)
- enthusiasm from you guys about the upcoming endeavors
- interest in staff positions
- got to experience a piece of Natalie Neal's actual work (!!)
- some new faces!

- had an all-time low of 31 people show up

We SOOOOOOO appreciate everyone who has donated! If we keep up at this rate, we may be able to complete the $50 goal!! It seriously makes our hearts smile that you guys care/ believe enough in the project ad message to donate your own money.

What did you guys think of "Rose and Sophia" by Natalie Neal? Colorful, no?
Comment and tell us what you thought!

We have had a little interest in the staff positions and the media position is now taken. If you are interested in fulfilling secretary or heck, if you have your own idea for a position, please let us know and email/text us! We totally want to do fun little events and all that, too, but we really cant do that without some more help (see Jane below :))

We love new faces! Thank you to those new people for showing up! In order to get a well-rounded and diverse zine, we really want to reach as many people as possible with the project and publication. To do so, talk to your friends about the club and how it is a simple and fun way to get involved or even just hang out. Oh, and we have candy or baked goods, like, 50% of the time.

happy nonsense November.
I am going to go watch Dateline now.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

what a hallowed ween

the pix we were so glad to receive from u and some from our own oct. 31 adventures.
pix from Rebecca M.

in front of garage doors like the cool kids

mary and Cecilia Lisbon a la VIRGIN SUICIDES

V's from the Rocky Horror Picture Show where we spotted Maddie C.!
Lexi H., Rebecca M., Nicole P.

pic from Paris
    Meeting numero seven tomorrow! bring your friends and don't forget to submit to us your stuff at
  Also, we are still on the lookout for anyone interested in holding a staff position such as secretary, treasurer, media, etc. These are much needed in order to get the club running smoother and to have people become more involved and connected.

   -make sure the sign up sheet reaches all new faces
   -do a headcount of the attendees and record
   -jot down any key questions/notes you have
   -any questions/notes anyone else has

   -basically our head fundraiser
   -just comes up with fundraising ideas
   -counts club moolah
   -might turn in said moolah to bookkeeper from time to time

   -media person is in charge of club Insta/Tumblr/whatever else
   -update us on new developments of the club on social network
   -might be asked to reach out to people of interest
   -yay you - you get the keys to the club Spotify ;)

Staff positions are super low-key but really fun and you will get invited to the super cool meetings and all that.
Since we want everyone to be as involved as they want, if you ask but all positions are taken WE WILL FIND SOMETHING FOR YOU! even if it is Director of Snacks (which is actually awesome and would be much appreciated).

If you do not attend Great Oak and would like to be an exclusive member of Zine Club, just hit me up at the ol' email and we can definitely talk!

Can't wait to see everyone tomorrow! We will be collecting donations in the box, so don't forget, and bring anyone remotely interested in Zine Club so we can totally brainwash them and control them as pieces of our cult forever.

*karate kicks air in excitement*