Wednesday, November 5, 2014

what a hallowed ween

the pix we were so glad to receive from u and some from our own oct. 31 adventures.
pix from Rebecca M.

in front of garage doors like the cool kids

mary and Cecilia Lisbon a la VIRGIN SUICIDES

V's from the Rocky Horror Picture Show where we spotted Maddie C.!
Lexi H., Rebecca M., Nicole P.

pic from Paris
    Meeting numero seven tomorrow! bring your friends and don't forget to submit to us your stuff at
  Also, we are still on the lookout for anyone interested in holding a staff position such as secretary, treasurer, media, etc. These are much needed in order to get the club running smoother and to have people become more involved and connected.

   -make sure the sign up sheet reaches all new faces
   -do a headcount of the attendees and record
   -jot down any key questions/notes you have
   -any questions/notes anyone else has

   -basically our head fundraiser
   -just comes up with fundraising ideas
   -counts club moolah
   -might turn in said moolah to bookkeeper from time to time

   -media person is in charge of club Insta/Tumblr/whatever else
   -update us on new developments of the club on social network
   -might be asked to reach out to people of interest
   -yay you - you get the keys to the club Spotify ;)

Staff positions are super low-key but really fun and you will get invited to the super cool meetings and all that.
Since we want everyone to be as involved as they want, if you ask but all positions are taken WE WILL FIND SOMETHING FOR YOU! even if it is Director of Snacks (which is actually awesome and would be much appreciated).

If you do not attend Great Oak and would like to be an exclusive member of Zine Club, just hit me up at the ol' email and we can definitely talk!

Can't wait to see everyone tomorrow! We will be collecting donations in the box, so don't forget, and bring anyone remotely interested in Zine Club so we can totally brainwash them and control them as pieces of our cult forever.

*karate kicks air in excitement*


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