Wednesday, November 12, 2014

roxine helberg and meeting #8

finding good short film is just MMM MMM GOOD.
here's a gem from Roxine Helberg with MILES FREAKIN TELLER.

meeting #8 is upon us. bring anyone, bring everyone (basically our motto). we just want to reach more people and have more people participating. by the people, for the people - BUT ONLY IF THE PEOPLE ACTUALLY TURN UP!

we are still hunting for a secretary! supa cool ALEAH ANTONIO is our new media director, so now you have her to thank for the mid-chew candids and eyegasm-worthy instagram posts (??? wwhat haha ???). If you aren't feeling secretary but want to be part of the staff, email/text/comment, and we will see what we can do!

also, we are so incredibly appreciative for all of you that have made donations! we went from $5 to over $14 as of last week. If we keep this up, we can totally make our $50 goal! if we happen to collect more than $50, it might just have to go to making the Launch Party more awesome-er ;)

as always, if you have any suggestions, ever, EVER - you know where to find us.


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