Monday, November 17, 2014

friendsgiving :0!!!

this week at ZINE CLUB: Friendsgiving!!!!
I must give credit for this spectacular idea to Shaylie, Coco, and Leea, whose minds paralleled long enough to cough up this great idea.

the point of a Friendsgiving is for everyone to bring something, if even just a couple extra fruit roll-ups, to kind of put together  in a pot luck and have our own little Thanksgiving of high school children. this is really low-key but also really going to happen, so please - don't skip that essay and bake a pie - but do contribute something. anything will do! I just picked up a hot jar of trail mix from target, to give you an example. I was just about to add something about how nicely trail mix ties in with the theme of a Friendsgiving and zine club in general because, ya know, diversity, but decided not to be annoying about that for today.

accompanying Friendsgiving will be a little group discussion regarding a topic that is yet to be announced. we noticed that our meetings are mostly comprised of us telling you all stuff and then having an activity. we want to interact with you guys, and, from the feedback on the anti-quiz #2, you guys do too (aww, shucks)! for this to be the best it can be, PLEASE BRING YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!!!! I know we say this every other sentence, but we mean it especially this time, because the people are what make a Friendsgiving and a group chat worthwhile. SO MAKE IT WORTHWHILE AND BRING THOSE FREAKS!

all of you best go follow us on instagram (@gohszineclub)!
media editor Aleah is holding down the fort over there, so go make us look alive with some likes/comments and all that jazz.

happy Friendsgiving
(or sad Friendsgiving; it's your party and you can cry if you want to . . . although we would hate to see you down)

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