Saturday, November 8, 2014

Natalie, Maggie, and Anke are cool, too

Natalie Neal is a photographer and filmmaker who has done work and been featured in Nylon Magazine, Oyster Magazine, Foam Magazine, Urban Outfitters, Columbia Records, and so many more. She also directs and produces AWESOME short films such as "Rose and Sophia" and "Seashells", which will premier soon.

Maggie Thrash is a staff writer/comic artist for the amazing Rookie Mag. Her awesome short fiction, comics, and other musings are at the link.

Anke Weckmann is an illustrator and zinester who is etsy-popular and just does freaking cool stuff.

If you have any questions for these cool people that you would like us to ask them on behalf of you guys when we get to chatting with them for the zine, PLEASE TEXT/EMAIL US!!!! Really, it's okay . . :)

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