Monday, February 16, 2015

send help

happy no-school Monday (aka President's Day)!

besides remembering the presidents in all their . . . glory, we also ask you to remember that you MUST MUST MUST send in a submission   and donate a couple bucks by next meeting (this Thursday) in order to have FOOOOOD at the following meeting! We currently have 4 submissions for Issue #2: I Don't Know Yet, and about $13 donated. We are asking for 15 submissions and $40 total in order to reward you!
If everyone pitched in just a little bit, we would certainly meet our goal and would be able to do more crazy things. I, for one, have been contemplating a club cotton candy machine . . .

ALSO, please, I beg you, get the Dirty Girls photo permission slips signed. All they need is the consent of your folks to post pics that might include you on their website in a feature they want to do! You can email us a pic or give it to me at any time around school. You only need to complete this form if you were at the launch party and were participating in any picture taking.

so skidaddle! get creative!
Alyson ;)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

america's not top model

CALLING ALL CHILD MODELS (that would be you):
The Dirty Girls (Amber, Harper, Casey, and ally Susie) who somehow got lost and ended up at our Launch (jk) would like to do a post at their website,! To do so, they need everyone who came to the Launch (and, therefore, might be in the pictures) to sign a MODEL RELEASE FORM, or else your face will be blacked out and no one will ever know who wore that fierce outfit, third person from the left.
obviously, this is importante stuff. we will be distributing the form at this Thursday's meeting (since I just spent an hour trying to outsmart pdf). We need you to turn them into us wherever and as soon as you can, because time may run out and a black hole may eat your face (on the picture(s), anyway). Not only are these girls dirty, they are also SMART - and don't want to get into any more trouble than they already do ;) ;).

roses are red
violets are blue
please give us this form
so we can see you


Sunday, February 8, 2015

launch partay

can you say best night ever? in case you weren't there, the night consisted of candy hearts, short films, natalie neal, temporary tattoos, photos via me and, oh my god, a surprise appearance from THE DIRTY GIRLS!!! yeah. I know, we were internally screaming too.

thank you for everyone who showed up and supported the club all this way. without your guys' help, the launch party would have been a total bust. all the work sweat n guts that went into our zine and this party was all you guys! (and a little us, too) hopefully we can all make a lot more fun nights in the future. until then!

the photo booth at the party was also a success! if you got your picture taken and want the photos, comment below and I'll send them to you! you can also spend a mere 50 cents if you want a 4 x 6 print or your picture :)

if you haven't gotten a chance to purchase a zine yet, you can purchase one from, at any of our Thursday meetings or from Alyson herself!

if you couldn't make it to the LP, make sure to check out our raffle sponsors and other things down below. in that case, enjoy these cool pics from a cool night!

party food, projector lights and natalie neal goodies
raffle prizes from DIY OR CRY collective, zine issues, and stickers from dripface
tiara reading a zine next to the jewelry stand
original art for sale made by haeyin kim

natalie neal q&a

"seashells" film screening by natalie neal
the dirty girls, alyson, and natalie neal!
from L to R: Amber Willat, Casey Massimino, Alyson Williams, Harper Willat, and Natalie Neal.

dirty girls:

natalie neal:

for the first time ever (!!!!),

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Issue #1 now available!

Issue #1: In Another World is now available at! Shoutout to Marahya Navas for being our first-ever order!
The zines will also be sold at next week's meeting and at the Launch Party (next Saturday!)