Monday, February 16, 2015

send help

happy no-school Monday (aka President's Day)!

besides remembering the presidents in all their . . . glory, we also ask you to remember that you MUST MUST MUST send in a submission   and donate a couple bucks by next meeting (this Thursday) in order to have FOOOOOD at the following meeting! We currently have 4 submissions for Issue #2: I Don't Know Yet, and about $13 donated. We are asking for 15 submissions and $40 total in order to reward you!
If everyone pitched in just a little bit, we would certainly meet our goal and would be able to do more crazy things. I, for one, have been contemplating a club cotton candy machine . . .

ALSO, please, I beg you, get the Dirty Girls photo permission slips signed. All they need is the consent of your folks to post pics that might include you on their website in a feature they want to do! You can email us a pic or give it to me at any time around school. You only need to complete this form if you were at the launch party and were participating in any picture taking.

so skidaddle! get creative!
Alyson ;)

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