Tuesday, April 7, 2015


As of yesterday morning, we have a new and improved website that will feature daily content that you can check out HERE!

Check it out and let us know what you think! :-)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

damsels in dis dress

once in a while, we like to play dress up. more specifically, we will be having a photo shoot inspired by our current issue theme during our spring break (a.k.a. next weekend) and in order to fulfill our dream of one making one of the coolest (and one of our first) photo stories there are, we are calling YOU, yes you, to help us out!

we are currently on the hunt for cute and/or vintage shops that would kindly donate any clothes, accessories, or makeup to include in our shoot. sadly, mere high school students struggle in the fund$ department, so we are depending on any kind soul willing to donate anything to us! aside from being sponsored in our shoot (giving you credit and all that jazz) we would be glad to mention you in our posted story AND credit you in the back page of our upcoming issue. we make sure to let all of our readers know where we gain our cool things, especially if donated. so please, any shops who are willing, don't be shy to contact us by email (gohszineclub@gmail.com) or by dming our instagram, @gohszineclub.

any special people who know of any shops, big or small, can let us know or hey, even link them to this post! anything and everything is incredibly appreciated.


Monday, March 16, 2015

4 . .3 . .2 . .

apologies for not being here for weekly updates, the team and I have been consumed with the upcoming site, second issue, and other little goodies that will be revealed soon enough.

The MAJOR event coming up in FOUR DAYS is the deadline for submissions for Issue #2: "I Don't Know Yet". We like to start work on the issue immediately so that we can have it out at the earliest possible date, so don't be left behind. We have been graced with many great pieces that we cannot wait to show, so MOVE ALONG, NOW and email us your work for the issue at gohszineclub@gmail.com

also, regarding Issue #2 is our long-awaited PHOTO STORY! Our very own ALEAH will be our photographer/director of this shoot, which will take place some time in the second week of spring break. We are still narrowing it down to an exact date(s), but this week's meeting will have a sign up sheet for anyone who would like to contribute as a model or creative mind ;) we. are. psyched.

If you are a columnist or a special contributor to issue #2 (you know who you are), your pieces are also due on March 20th! If you need an extra few days, just let me know and we can figure it all out.

LASTLY (but not leastly)
the hunt for regular contributors for our print issues and upcoming website is ongoing! we are thrilled to have the group that we have accumulated so far, but do not hesitate to apply at gohszineclub@gmail.com! Regular contributors to the site will submit a piece of creative work every week, which will then be featured on the site! NOTE: anyone, no matter location, can apply! can't wait to have you ;)
stay tuned,
Alyson ;0

Friday, March 6, 2015

the Z-team

cause you know, we're on each other's team . . .

don't hate me . . .
Zine Club is looking to construct a team of boss artists, DIY'ers, writers, columnists, playlist-makers, photographers, and all other creative animals to feed our new, under-development site (more news to come) with content weekly!

With our online and social media presence growing rapidly, we have decided to create our own domain and site that can extend the creativity to Zine Clubbers not in the immediate Great Oak area. Our lovely media editor ALEAH has been on a hiatus, but has been working behind the scenes on the new platform, which should premier in the next 6 weeks or so. If interested in applying for a contributor/team member position, please email us (gohszineclub@gmail.com) or DM us on our insta (@gohszineclub) with a sample of your work!!! We are super dee duper EXCITED and can't wait to work with you amazing children.

members of the team will receive (but not lmtd to):
- first mention of news/events
- invites to team meetings and plannings
- freedom on websites/social media forums to post what they want
- club merch
- copies of every zine
- input on every aspect of event planning
- a large audience listening (reading) patiently as you express your opinion
- credit whenever we pull off something AWESOME!!!

In other news, the deadline for ISSUE #2: "I don't know yet", is MARCH 20th!!!!!!
Time is closing in, and we are hungry for your work! Please: this is not High Class Art Pubication, Vol. 5 - do not stress about the "quality" of your submission. Even if you send us a doodle, we are able to incorporate most works together in the zine. Every little thing is lovely ;)

Only 11 copies of Issue #1 left at the shop! It is amazing (AND HELLA FLATTTERING) that you all have enough interest in us to spend $3 (plus $2 s&h) of your hard-earned moolah on our leetle project ;)
Now that we have some sort of funding, more copies of Issue #2 will be made, so we will not run out as fast.

My glorious babe friend (whom I met in line at the Rookie Yearbook 3 Dance Party!), Justine Dorsey, was just featured in the Huffington Post and released her new single and music video, Cliché (!!!!!). This song is too on point FOR WORDS, and for those who can't relate to the message will even take some inspiration from the seductively trippy theme and Grand Budapest Hotel-looking décor. Follow Justine the Queen at @justinedorsey!

Monday, February 16, 2015

send help

happy no-school Monday (aka President's Day)!

besides remembering the presidents in all their . . . glory, we also ask you to remember that you MUST MUST MUST send in a submission   and donate a couple bucks by next meeting (this Thursday) in order to have FOOOOOD at the following meeting! We currently have 4 submissions for Issue #2: I Don't Know Yet, and about $13 donated. We are asking for 15 submissions and $40 total in order to reward you!
If everyone pitched in just a little bit, we would certainly meet our goal and would be able to do more crazy things. I, for one, have been contemplating a club cotton candy machine . . .

ALSO, please, I beg you, get the Dirty Girls photo permission slips signed. All they need is the consent of your folks to post pics that might include you on their website in a feature they want to do! You can email us a pic or give it to me at any time around school. You only need to complete this form if you were at the launch party and were participating in any picture taking.

so skidaddle! get creative!
Alyson ;)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

america's not top model

CALLING ALL CHILD MODELS (that would be you):
The Dirty Girls (Amber, Harper, Casey, and ally Susie) who somehow got lost and ended up at our Launch (jk) would like to do a post at their website, dirtygirlsproject.com! To do so, they need everyone who came to the Launch (and, therefore, might be in the pictures) to sign a MODEL RELEASE FORM, or else your face will be blacked out and no one will ever know who wore that fierce outfit, third person from the left.
obviously, this is importante stuff. we will be distributing the form at this Thursday's meeting (since I just spent an hour trying to outsmart pdf). We need you to turn them into us wherever and as soon as you can, because time may run out and a black hole may eat your face (on the picture(s), anyway). Not only are these girls dirty, they are also SMART - and don't want to get into any more trouble than they already do ;) ;).

roses are red
violets are blue
please give us this form
so we can see you


Sunday, February 8, 2015

launch partay

can you say best night ever? in case you weren't there, the night consisted of candy hearts, short films, natalie neal, temporary tattoos, photos via me and, oh my god, a surprise appearance from THE DIRTY GIRLS!!! yeah. I know, we were internally screaming too.

thank you for everyone who showed up and supported the club all this way. without your guys' help, the launch party would have been a total bust. all the work sweat n guts that went into our zine and this party was all you guys! (and a little us, too) hopefully we can all make a lot more fun nights in the future. until then!

the photo booth at the party was also a success! if you got your picture taken and want the photos, comment below and I'll send them to you! you can also spend a mere 50 cents if you want a 4 x 6 print or your picture :)

if you haven't gotten a chance to purchase a zine yet, you can purchase one from zineclub.bigcartel.com, at any of our Thursday meetings or from Alyson herself!

if you couldn't make it to the LP, make sure to check out our raffle sponsors and other things down below. in that case, enjoy these cool pics from a cool night!

party food, projector lights and natalie neal goodies
raffle prizes from DIY OR CRY collective, zine issues, and stickers from dripface
tiara reading a zine next to the jewelry stand
original art for sale made by haeyin kim

natalie neal q&a

"seashells" film screening by natalie neal
the dirty girls, alyson, and natalie neal!
from L to R: Amber Willat, Casey Massimino, Alyson Williams, Harper Willat, and Natalie Neal.

dirty girls:

natalie neal:

for the first time ever (!!!!),

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Issue #1 now available!

Issue #1: In Another World is now available at zineclub.bigcartel.com! Shoutout to Marahya Navas for being our first-ever order!
The zines will also be sold at next week's meeting and at the Launch Party (next Saturday!)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

ideal body types through history

on a non-zine note, I found this quite interesting as I scrolled through Nylon on this post-school Wednesday. a spot on and interesting (to say the least) insight on how the "style" of women has transformed. compared to other eras, how does a look at the standards of the past couple decades make you feel?

Monday, January 26, 2015

the pretty committee

okay, for any of you who have read The Clique Series by Lisi Harrison (aka MY TWEENHOOD), this one's for you.

we are forming a Launch Party Committee for anyone interested in
a) being cool
b) making party playlists
c) decorating
d) being nice
e) arranging art
f) picking food
g) being our friend
h) getting what you want at the party as far as all of these things go
i) meeting Miss Natalie Neal before anyone else
j) bossing people
k) being a part of a committee (bc lol college apps, am i right?)

Just kind of imagine that we are the Massies, putting this whole Launch together - except jk because we are doing the actual work and not hiring servants, but i said IMAGINE.

ALSOOOO, we will probably have a little something extra sweet for all of those that sign up. You can sign up either by commenting here, commenting on our Insta (@gohszineclub), or emailing us (gohszineclub@gmail.com).

If you do not want to help-help, but might be willing to shed a buck or two, here are some little things that we would also love you for:
a) temporary tattoos (cool ones, if you can)
b) bubbles
c) any coolish food you could bring (let us know before)
d) balloons
f) face paint
e) anything else you think would be nice!

AND FINALLY: we are still taking art for the ART GALLERY that we will be featuring at the Launch! You can send it to us, no matter your location, and can either opt to simply display it or sell it!

flipping mail us and do something cool.

kiss hug kiss hug,
Alyson and/or Shaylie

Saturday, January 17, 2015


how we feel about this gross, bloated week before Issue #1 will officially be put out. but, like we usually do when we feel gross and/or bloated, we have been watching lots of Law and Order and then trying to do something that makes us feel like we accomplished something.

that something would be deciding the theme of ISSUE #2!!!
check up on the "Submissions" page (top right side) to get the scoop and read up on our new submission guidelines.

another thing would be putting out some numbers (also known as "TIMES") for you guys to show up to that LAUNCH PARTY we have been rambling about. here you go: 6-10 p.m. That should certainly be enough time to eat food, get a temporary tattoo, take a photo at the photo booth with your new friend who also love Wes Anderson, peruse the art gallery, eat some more food, listen to music, fangirl over Natalie Neal, watch the screening of her new film "Seashells", listen to a live Q & A, get her autograph (if you're lucky), buy a zine, enter one of the many raffles, and play in the bubbles, RIGHT?

official LP flyer. art by Cait Deleon, 10th, Philippines ;)

if you weren't at meeting #13, some tidbits for you:

-zine will be printed in black and white (bc color is for millionaires, apparently), but we will be selling a limited amount of color at a slightly higher price

-we will try to print it on recycled paper, as always

-the black and white zine price will be from $1-$1.50 (TBA)

-start submitting NOW for Issue #2!

-email/comment/text any resolutions you have for Zine (but do not tell us to lose weight)! We have already gotten some great resolutions!

FINALLLLYYY, we will open up the club activity forum to YOU GUYS next week! This means that if anyone has an activity that they would like to be in charge of for next week's meeting, let us know before Wednesday, and we will set you up. This is your chance to get involved. If you are too shy to stand up there and tell people what to do, then just send us a suggestion and we will review it.

dare to be different,
ALyson and Shaylie

Friday, January 9, 2015

a coming of zine

we can safely report to you all that the zine is finished and is now being prepared for copies!!!!!!!!!!
a couple quick notes for ya:
 - Issue #1: "In Another World" to be released in 2-3 weeks (had to delay date due to launch party, which brings me to . . .)

 - LAUNCH PARTY is going down at the CreatorSpace in Temecula on February 7th (Saturday)! Times are TBA and everyone and their step brother are welcome!

 - we received our first raffle prize donation in the mail! several amazing businesses and people donated to Zine Club's Launch Party Raffle and it's gonna be amazing. no telling who or what just yet, though ;)

 - we will be featuring an art gallery at our Launch Party! that means anyone who would like to either display work or sell work is so so so so welcome to email/talk to us and get your work up there!

One last thing - leave ur insta handles in the comments! Ours is @gohszineclub, now what's yours?

thanks for standing by,
Alyson and Shaylie