Tuesday, December 30, 2014


we had another staff meeting today! here's what has come out of that:
 - we will be printing the zine EN COLOR
 - we have received a donation that will allow us to finally purchase our personalized ZINE CLUB BRACELETS, made for us by Aoife at teenqueens.bigcartel.com!
 - we have just been notified that another Etsy shop (it's a secret) will be donating items for the GIVEAWAY at the LAUNCH PARTY!

we will be working hard this week to get the bulk of the zine finished so that we might have copies available by the next meeting(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Zines will be available for (roughly) a dollar each, as will bracelets (depending on when we get them). All proceeds go right back into the next session of ZINE CLUB!!

If anyone has any artwork/other thingys that they would like to sell or display at the Launch Party, please email us at gohszineclub@gmail.com!

thank you for all of your greatness.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


can I just start by saying that I logged on today and it said that our blog had 1234 views? yes, big number, but it's also MAGICAL. just do something magical tonight/tomo before you sell your soul to finals on Thursday and Friday.

really wanted to tell you guys that we are all bummed out about not being able to see you this week because modified day on Thursday = no lunch time! we will do something in place of the holiday thingy we had planned, so not to fret ;).

dates to be determined regarding the group meeting happening the second week of break. all staff should attend and any other person who wants to hang out and participate in the putting together of the ACTUAL ZINE is totally welcome!!

s/o to Tiara for donating to the cause! she is the lone contestant in our raffle . . . donate $2 or more for the chance to win some etsy goodness for yourself! also, always shouting out to anyone who has previously donated. you is smart, you is kind . . . :)

please keep creating. creation is nature and its seeds must be constantly blooming, or else it slowly becomes extinct.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

editor meeting

Shaylie and I are meeting up for the FIRST TIME in like months TOMORROW and it is going to be AWESOME. Not just for us, but for YOU TOO . . . because we are finally getting our act together!

Although there isn't much to inform you of until AFTER our little rendezvous, we just wanted to keep you updated on all of our shenanigans and know that we haven't abandoned you in the tumultuous (but even more so ANNNNNOOOYYYYINNNNGGG) tornado that is FINALS. Ew, we would never.

Just reminding you to keep an eye out for a white elephant gift for the meeting in two weeks (#12; this Thursday's will be #11). We have had outstanding participation in activities in the past, so let's keep it up! Unlike Friendsgiving, where you can kind of sneak by and take other people's food that they brought EVEN THOUGH YOU DIDN"T BRING ANY YOURSELF (it's alright, we love you anyways), the white elephant gift is completely based upon group contribution! The gift can be quirky, cool, whatever. You needeth not spend more than $10.


please, don't be shy! We KNOW that the holidays mean tight pennies for MANY PEOPLE, so just let us know and we will hook you up!

hope to see you on Thursday for meeting #11!

Friday, December 5, 2014


I was going to title this post "That's A Wrap", because the deadline has passed and . . . yeah. But then I realized that this, issue one, is hardly anything but wrapped. We may have just closed submissions for issue one, but all that means is that the real magic is just about to happen with the actual putting-together of the zine, the launch party, and a few more surprises ;)

yes, it is indeed SHOWTIME.
what does SHOWTIME include?

- organizing the zine
- printing the zine
- selling/advertising the zine
- planning launch partay
- having launch partay
- distributing zine online via our zineclub.bigcartel.com

updates to come.

for now, the one thing that can definitely get accomplished is our $$ goal. We are a bit over $20. Our goal is $50. With a minimum of 32 people at every meeting, and the enthusiasm of 100, we should definitely be able to achieve this goal. without the dough, the zine's a no-go.
"can we do it?"

also available on our zineclub.bigcartel.com is donations! If you have $1 or so left on that old Visa gift card and are feeling charitable (or just want to get rid of it!), help us out.

in other news, Happy Birthday to our secretary, KATIE COMBS! I would also like to thank any of you who wished me a happy day of birth, as well ;) :)
Katie being cute.

There is a lot more news to come, but we don't want to jump the gun on anything just yet. thank you ALL for contributing, especially our friends in other parts of the world, and stay tuned!

more posts to come,

Saturday, November 29, 2014

rise of the dawn of the DEADLINE

hey folks.
so, yes, December 4th is coming up.

- we got a lot of submissions that will help to make a great zine
- had great turn out for our first session!
- amazing responses from some grown ups and international peeps
- so many great people got involved and donated
- yay party yay
- you got 5 days left to turn in that last piece(s)
- still gathering that last $30
- still planning said party
- ummm A LOT OF WORK (but we enjoy it ;))
You have all done so much amazing work for us!  We will continue to accept $donations$ after the deadline, but the sooner we reach our $50 goal, the more secure we feel :).
IN ADDITION we have all been peeing ourselves (on the inside) over the turn out and participation in the club! The zine is nothing if it doesn't reach people, so we have been so lucky to have so many people interested so early on.
I know what you are thinking. we are constantly asking for your opinion and what you would like to see from the club, but so far, your idea hasn't really been used. We definitely have your ideas in mind and are working on some things that will incorporate them into our meeting and what nots. Trust us, we are getting there. Just wanted to put that out there.
Alyson and Shaylie

Monday, November 17, 2014

friendsgiving :0!!!

this week at ZINE CLUB: Friendsgiving!!!!
I must give credit for this spectacular idea to Shaylie, Coco, and Leea, whose minds paralleled long enough to cough up this great idea.

the point of a Friendsgiving is for everyone to bring something, if even just a couple extra fruit roll-ups, to kind of put together  in a pot luck and have our own little Thanksgiving of high school children. this is really low-key but also really going to happen, so please - don't skip that essay and bake a pie - but do contribute something. anything will do! I just picked up a hot jar of trail mix from target, to give you an example. I was just about to add something about how nicely trail mix ties in with the theme of a Friendsgiving and zine club in general because, ya know, diversity, but decided not to be annoying about that for today.

accompanying Friendsgiving will be a little group discussion regarding a topic that is yet to be announced. we noticed that our meetings are mostly comprised of us telling you all stuff and then having an activity. we want to interact with you guys, and, from the feedback on the anti-quiz #2, you guys do too (aww, shucks)! for this to be the best it can be, PLEASE BRING YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!!!! I know we say this every other sentence, but we mean it especially this time, because the people are what make a Friendsgiving and a group chat worthwhile. SO MAKE IT WORTHWHILE AND BRING THOSE FREAKS!

all of you best go follow us on instagram (@gohszineclub)!
media editor Aleah is holding down the fort over there, so go make us look alive with some likes/comments and all that jazz.

happy Friendsgiving
(or sad Friendsgiving; it's your party and you can cry if you want to . . . although we would hate to see you down)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

roxine helberg and meeting #8

finding good short film is just MMM MMM GOOD.
here's a gem from Roxine Helberg with MILES FREAKIN TELLER.

meeting #8 is upon us. bring anyone, bring everyone (basically our motto). we just want to reach more people and have more people participating. by the people, for the people - BUT ONLY IF THE PEOPLE ACTUALLY TURN UP!

we are still hunting for a secretary! supa cool ALEAH ANTONIO is our new media director, so now you have her to thank for the mid-chew candids and eyegasm-worthy instagram posts (??? wwhat haha ???). If you aren't feeling secretary but want to be part of the staff, email/text/comment, and we will see what we can do!

also, we are so incredibly appreciative for all of you that have made donations! we went from $5 to over $14 as of last week. If we keep this up, we can totally make our $50 goal! if we happen to collect more than $50, it might just have to go to making the Launch Party more awesome-er ;)

as always, if you have any suggestions, ever, EVER - you know where to find us.


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Natalie, Maggie, and Anke are cool, too

Natalie Neal is a photographer and filmmaker who has done work and been featured in Nylon Magazine, Oyster Magazine, Foam Magazine, Urban Outfitters, Columbia Records, and so many more. She also directs and produces AWESOME short films such as "Rose and Sophia" and "Seashells", which will premier soon.

Maggie Thrash is a staff writer/comic artist for the amazing Rookie Mag. Her awesome short fiction, comics, and other musings are at the link.

Anke Weckmann is an illustrator and zinester who is etsy-popular and just does freaking cool stuff.

If you have any questions for these cool people that you would like us to ask them on behalf of you guys when we get to chatting with them for the zine, PLEASE TEXT/EMAIL US!!!! Really, it's okay . . :)

Friday, November 7, 2014

meeting #7

pros and cons of meetin #7:

- went from $5 to $14 YOU GUYS ARE LOOVVEEE thank you for helping ;)
- enthusiasm from you guys about the upcoming endeavors
- interest in staff positions
- got to experience a piece of Natalie Neal's actual work (!!)
- some new faces!

- had an all-time low of 31 people show up

We SOOOOOOO appreciate everyone who has donated! If we keep up at this rate, we may be able to complete the $50 goal!! It seriously makes our hearts smile that you guys care/ believe enough in the project ad message to donate your own money.

What did you guys think of "Rose and Sophia" by Natalie Neal? Colorful, no?
Comment and tell us what you thought!

We have had a little interest in the staff positions and the media position is now taken. If you are interested in fulfilling secretary or heck, if you have your own idea for a position, please let us know and email/text us! We totally want to do fun little events and all that, too, but we really cant do that without some more help (see Jane below :))

We love new faces! Thank you to those new people for showing up! In order to get a well-rounded and diverse zine, we really want to reach as many people as possible with the project and publication. To do so, talk to your friends about the club and how it is a simple and fun way to get involved or even just hang out. Oh, and we have candy or baked goods, like, 50% of the time.

happy nonsense November.
I am going to go watch Dateline now.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

what a hallowed ween

the pix we were so glad to receive from u and some from our own oct. 31 adventures.
pix from Rebecca M.

in front of garage doors like the cool kids

mary and Cecilia Lisbon a la VIRGIN SUICIDES

V's from the Rocky Horror Picture Show where we spotted Maddie C.!
Lexi H., Rebecca M., Nicole P.

pic from Paris
    Meeting numero seven tomorrow! bring your friends and don't forget to submit to us your stuff at gohszineclub@gmail.com.
  Also, we are still on the lookout for anyone interested in holding a staff position such as secretary, treasurer, media, etc. These are much needed in order to get the club running smoother and to have people become more involved and connected.

   -make sure the sign up sheet reaches all new faces
   -do a headcount of the attendees and record
   -jot down any key questions/notes you have
   -any questions/notes anyone else has

   -basically our head fundraiser
   -just comes up with fundraising ideas
   -counts club moolah
   -might turn in said moolah to bookkeeper from time to time

   -media person is in charge of club Insta/Tumblr/whatever else
   -update us on new developments of the club on social network
   -might be asked to reach out to people of interest
   -yay you - you get the keys to the club Spotify ;)

Staff positions are super low-key but really fun and you will get invited to the super cool meetings and all that.
Since we want everyone to be as involved as they want, if you ask but all positions are taken WE WILL FIND SOMETHING FOR YOU! even if it is Director of Snacks (which is actually awesome and would be much appreciated).

If you do not attend Great Oak and would like to be an exclusive member of Zine Club, just hit me up at the ol' email and we can definitely talk!

Can't wait to see everyone tomorrow! We will be collecting donations in the box, so don't forget, and bring anyone remotely interested in Zine Club so we can totally brainwash them and control them as pieces of our cult forever.

*karate kicks air in excitement*


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

the dough on the dough

hey there.

tomorrow is our meeting before Halloween and it's gonna be cool so BE THERE! also, bring any of your friends who happen to like zines, talking about what they think and/or CANDY, because all of that will be going on as well.

the last meeting was the lowest turnout we have had so far so go off, my friends, and spread the good word of ZINE CLUB!!!!

we have just created a Big Cartel shop for Zine Club in order to generate more donations! don't forget that the club is not-for-profit and runs off of the nice donations of donors. donations range from $0.50 to $5 and they are all awesome and nice and wonderful.

link is zineclub.bigcartel.com

this is happening.
Alyson and Shaylie

Sunday, October 26, 2014

rose and sophie

just yay. I love this so much. it really made my bedroom feel less than, though. film created and directed by natalie neal.

tres amazing. now I want someone to do temporary tattoos with.

happy sunday,
Alyson and Shaylie

Thursday, October 16, 2014

meeting #4

thanks for a cool turnout and for bringing new friends in today at meeting #4! we had a lot of people - I hesitate to say "full house" - and it was a very good feeling for us.

since there are so many people in the club and it is still in its early (frantic) stages, we haven't had much time to get to know you guys personally or put many names to faces. in the next few weeks we are gonna try to work on that and get everyone knowing each other, because a zine is a community of voices and the personal connections that a person makes with a piece in a zine is kind of the whole point.

hope you guys somewhat enjoyed zentangling, or at least doodling something today and getting that ANGST out. like I said above, it's still early, but we will be getting to some cool(er) stuff soon ;)

don't forget, lemon bars were courtesy of zoe and her mom, so if you want to send her a text of appreciation that is totally okay.

ALSO IMPORTANT is the beginning of funding for the zine. today we received 55 cents, which is greatly appreciated. these zines will only be selling for $1-2 (not for sure exactly the cost is yet), so hordes of money will not be necessary. also, it doesn't have to be money from recycling - we just thought that was a cool and easy idea to make a good handful of cash. there WILL be a box at the next meeting and anything is appreciated :*

the most-liked cereal was fruit loops . . . interesting.

la la la la la la,
Alyson and Shaylie

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

we all scream for lemon bars

and not just any lemon bars . . . homemade lemon bars, courtesy of Zoe!! One whole lemon bar can be yours at the next meeting for the simple price of ONE SUBMISSION FROM YOU (shipping and handling may apply). we are very close to meeting the goal of twelve submissions by tomorrow, so please contribute if you have the chance.

some popular misconceptions about submitting people have been pondering:


submit everything you have that you think would qualify for the zine! people freak out when I mention creativity, but what I mean by a creative submission is one that had some genuine thought behind it - not a selfie, not a simple sentence, not a circle you drew in science. but a submission doesn't have to be something that is museum-worthy or ready for the New York Times. if you are still confused, just know that if you are submitting with a true interest in helping the zine, your submission is probably great and will be appreciated 8)


a piece of writing, poetry, opinion writing, comics, doodles, art, sketches, collage, playlists, photos, interview, and other creative stuff that is raw and opinionated. the submissions will all be put together after the Dec 4th due date into a zine that we will sell in order to publish more issues.


the concept of pushing to get twelve by a certain date was to (a) see if you guys could do it (b) get the flow of submissions to start up, and (c) see what we were working with early on. the final deadline for all submissions will be Dec 4th, but it was a good startup for club members to get submitting and meeting a common goal (crap I almost sound like a teacher). oh, and I have been secretly plotting to get a hold of zoe's lemon bars for a while now . . .

so yeah. be like nike and JUST DO IT.

no never
always forever,
Alyson and Shaylie

Sunday, October 12, 2014

photo story #1

zoe, our music editor and photography wizard, has come up with some dates and info about the first photo story we are trying to put together!
I put a lot of stuff about what a photo story is and links to examples in the last post, so look there if you were wondering about that.
If you want to come to Zoe's humble abode, hang, play a little dress up and fool around for a while all while feeling GREAT ABOUT YOURSELF because Zoe makes everyone's photos look MAGICAL, then please email us or text us if you have our numbers! We hesitate to put our numbers out here on this web wide WORLD but contact us either of those ways to sign up.

Anyone is welcome, just please message us, preferably by or on Thursday at the latest so we can get numbers. please don't be shy, you guys are awesome, don't doubt it 8)

DATES: October 24th (Fri) - October 26th (Sun)

       there are 3 days so that people could get the chance to participate in the story if there was a scheduling conflict for them on one of the other days. it is not necessary to come all days. please let us know which day(s) you will be coming.

*Zoe is also going to get her older sister, Lexi, to come over and help with things such as makeup and all that jazz. yes, Lexi is magical just like Zoe*

also, we made an instagram, where you can DM us if you want to come, too (@gohszineclub)

please keep submitting! anything will do. we currently have 5/12 submissions, so if you want some lemon bars KEEP WORKIN ;)

Alyson and Shaylie

Thursday, October 9, 2014

meeting #3

so . . . thanks for working with us today. mrs. scharf's email was down so we were unable to do the presentation fully, but here are just the key points:

the theme has been selected: "In another world . . ."
- a variety of interpretations to be had
- just a prompt, not a big fat rule

- recycle your junk and bring in the bux
- we will be collecting any at the next meeting
- we are not for profit, so we need your help

- if we receive over twelve submissions by Oct 16th, we will surprise you with something at the following meeting . . .
- don't forget the open submission policy

- basically a hangout where we throw vanity to the wind and document it through Zoe's amazing photography
- anyone welcome
- yes, food (probably)
- if interested, text Alyson or Shaylie. if you don't got our digits, email us at gohszineclub@gmail.com
- date and time TBA

here are some examples of a photo story/diary from the mind explosion of a website, ROOKIE MAG.

- this is the video we watched most of today
- a 90's documentary by then-high school senior Michael Lucid
- demonstrates the effect of free expression of opinion and zines

here's the video if you would like to see the rest of it

anyhow, apologies for our impromptu awkwardness and unorganizational skills (?). we had a great turnout today - people in every desk AND ON THE FLOOR SHEEZUS!! keep it up ;)

keep on keeping on,
Alyson and Shaylie

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

dont hug me im scared

thanx to all the people submitting! keep 'em coming :*
anyhow, this made me laugh in kind of a sick way . . .

meeting #3 tomorrow, don't forget! we will finish the collages, also. if you brought yours home, then bring it so we can take pix of them. bring yo friends ;)

Monday, October 6, 2014

in another world . . .

sorry for the lateness . . .
but here's the moment you have all been waiting for -
the first issue of GOHS Zine Club's first publication is

we picked this thought because it can be interpreted in so many ways and can be applied to a lot if the other ideas that we got, while still having a sort of edge.
pleeeeeeaaaaasssseeee don't give yourself a complex about trying to conform to the theme or create the "perfect" thing. just email us what you got! like i said, look up a zine on Etsy and you will get what im sayin.
submission count = 0
you bring the submissions, and we will bring the goodies, deal?
have a whatever Monday,
Alyson and/or Shaylie
some totally acceptable yet simple/raw sketchbook pgs

a simple, short poem that is another example of a greatly appreciated submission

Friday, October 3, 2014

submissions are a win-win

heeeeyyy kids,
so we have a proposition for you:
if we get 12 submissions from you all, as a group, by October 16th, then there will be REWARDS TO REAP!!!! And we are not talking one Jolly Rancher - something cool. We don't know yet, but it will be cool.

so, basically, you are getting rewarded for getting your stuff published and your opinion heard. I don't know where you could get a better deal (except, maybe, going thrift shopping with Zoe but that is beside the point).

understand that a "submission" is not necessarily the acrylic painting of your grandmother that you have spent the past six months on (although that works too). It is easy, little, cool pix of your sketchbook pages, little poems, playlists, rants, items of fangirling, and artsy pix of whatever else, too, and ANYTHING ELSE I WAS TOO MAINSTREAM TO MENTION.

in other news, I have been asked how to "become" creative or where to get zine inspo. I would really encourage you all wondering this to look at the majestic rookiemag.com, which is a life-changing zine/everything-good-in-the-world hybrid, that taught me 80% of what I now know about zines and culture and ALL THAT GOOD STUFF.

happy weekend and SUBMIT, DARN IT!
Alyson et Shaylie

Thursday, October 2, 2014

meeting #2

meeting #2 turnout: approx. 35 people!

today was so fun, you guys, so thank you for that. thank you to all of the new people for checking us out and for all of the first meeting people for liking us enough to return ;).

we will definitely finish the collages next week, take pix, and incorporate them into the zine. for all of you who gave us your unfinished collage, we have a special cabinet in the room where they are safe.

please submit. that's all we can really say, those two words, but we mean them SO MUCH. your submissions give us a high. we want to get high on your submissions.
(insert disclaimer here)

anyhow, the remind 101 stuff will be up in the "about" page (the pages are the links on the right sidebar).

also, the winning theme for the FIRST EVER ZINE will be posted either tomorrow or this weekend! one thing I heard from a few people was that they needed to see what the theme was before they submit - WRONG. the theme is a loose prompt for you guys and is mainly to give the zine some sort of title. yes, we would prefer the theme to apply to some parts of the zine but it is in no way a rule. as always, the guidelines for submissions are ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING (plus a couple other things on the "submit" page to the right).

and now a message from our advisor, Mrs. Scharf:
"I can't wait to get in trouble for publishing this zine."

Oh, Daria . . .

Sunday, September 28, 2014

heartbreak nation zine #1: fantasy

hey guys!

it's Alyson. here is an example of a zine . . . one that I happened to contribute to :). a lot of people don't understand what differentiates a zine from other forms of publication, and I encourage them to look online at what a zine entails and why its aesthetic is so much different from, say, a magazine.

anyhow, check this one out. if any of you are interested in submitting to the next issue of this zine, go hit up Ines at heartbreaknationzine.tumblr.com! She's super cool and lives in Spain!

p.s. - thanx to all of the people who asked to help out with Club Rush! anyone can come on over on wednesday if you want to participate. we are totally swamped right now, but we will give you all updates :0

Saturday, September 27, 2014

your friday night: playlist

we compiled all of your 3-song playlists from the anti-quiz #1 and made . . . YOUR FRIDAY NIGHT: A PLAYLIST.
check it out right here or on the club Spotify (username: zineclub).

Thursday, September 25, 2014


the number of people we had in the club today! cool turnout, guys, and a big fatty thank you for checkin us out and bearing with us and our dorkiness. no pics to post because we were totally way too occupied on making cohesive sentences come out of our mouths in front of you all instead of taking snaps of all of your promising faces. next meeting, promise ;)

looking at the anti-quizzes, you guys really know your stuff :0. some supa cool 3-song playlists, doodles, and an astounding number of you KNEW IT WAS THE VIRGIN SUICIDES!!!!! (a personal excitement for us). and if you didn't know it was THE VIRGIN SUICIDES, we recommend watching/reading it - totally game (life) changer. and the dreams were very telling . . . haha jk, I loved them all.

keep it up and keep making :0

Monday, September 22, 2014

first meeting whaaaaatttt

hey guys,
   first Zine Club meeting will take place THIS THURSDAY in SCHARRF's ROOM (302) at LUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  we're awful excited.

  come one, come all. don't not come because you think that you are not talented in the specific areas of art, writing, film, photography, etc. - we just want your opinion, darn it!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

zine club flyers: coming soon to a school bathroom near you.