Friday, December 5, 2014


I was going to title this post "That's A Wrap", because the deadline has passed and . . . yeah. But then I realized that this, issue one, is hardly anything but wrapped. We may have just closed submissions for issue one, but all that means is that the real magic is just about to happen with the actual putting-together of the zine, the launch party, and a few more surprises ;)

yes, it is indeed SHOWTIME.
what does SHOWTIME include?

- organizing the zine
- printing the zine
- selling/advertising the zine
- planning launch partay
- having launch partay
- distributing zine online via our

updates to come.

for now, the one thing that can definitely get accomplished is our $$ goal. We are a bit over $20. Our goal is $50. With a minimum of 32 people at every meeting, and the enthusiasm of 100, we should definitely be able to achieve this goal. without the dough, the zine's a no-go.
"can we do it?"

also available on our is donations! If you have $1 or so left on that old Visa gift card and are feeling charitable (or just want to get rid of it!), help us out.

in other news, Happy Birthday to our secretary, KATIE COMBS! I would also like to thank any of you who wished me a happy day of birth, as well ;) :)
Katie being cute.

There is a lot more news to come, but we don't want to jump the gun on anything just yet. thank you ALL for contributing, especially our friends in other parts of the world, and stay tuned!

more posts to come,

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