Tuesday, December 16, 2014


can I just start by saying that I logged on today and it said that our blog had 1234 views? yes, big number, but it's also MAGICAL. just do something magical tonight/tomo before you sell your soul to finals on Thursday and Friday.

really wanted to tell you guys that we are all bummed out about not being able to see you this week because modified day on Thursday = no lunch time! we will do something in place of the holiday thingy we had planned, so not to fret ;).

dates to be determined regarding the group meeting happening the second week of break. all staff should attend and any other person who wants to hang out and participate in the putting together of the ACTUAL ZINE is totally welcome!!

s/o to Tiara for donating to the cause! she is the lone contestant in our raffle . . . donate $2 or more for the chance to win some etsy goodness for yourself! also, always shouting out to anyone who has previously donated. you is smart, you is kind . . . :)

please keep creating. creation is nature and its seeds must be constantly blooming, or else it slowly becomes extinct.


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