Tuesday, December 30, 2014


we had another staff meeting today! here's what has come out of that:
 - we will be printing the zine EN COLOR
 - we have received a donation that will allow us to finally purchase our personalized ZINE CLUB BRACELETS, made for us by Aoife at teenqueens.bigcartel.com!
 - we have just been notified that another Etsy shop (it's a secret) will be donating items for the GIVEAWAY at the LAUNCH PARTY!

we will be working hard this week to get the bulk of the zine finished so that we might have copies available by the next meeting(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Zines will be available for (roughly) a dollar each, as will bracelets (depending on when we get them). All proceeds go right back into the next session of ZINE CLUB!!

If anyone has any artwork/other thingys that they would like to sell or display at the Launch Party, please email us at gohszineclub@gmail.com!

thank you for all of your greatness.


  1. are you guys also going to be posting a version of the zine on issuu?

    1. good question! we will be selling the zine on our bigcartel site for a couple bucks when we release the first issue in two weeks ;)