Friday, January 9, 2015

a coming of zine

we can safely report to you all that the zine is finished and is now being prepared for copies!!!!!!!!!!
a couple quick notes for ya:
 - Issue #1: "In Another World" to be released in 2-3 weeks (had to delay date due to launch party, which brings me to . . .)

 - LAUNCH PARTY is going down at the CreatorSpace in Temecula on February 7th (Saturday)! Times are TBA and everyone and their step brother are welcome!

 - we received our first raffle prize donation in the mail! several amazing businesses and people donated to Zine Club's Launch Party Raffle and it's gonna be amazing. no telling who or what just yet, though ;)

 - we will be featuring an art gallery at our Launch Party! that means anyone who would like to either display work or sell work is so so so so welcome to email/talk to us and get your work up there!

One last thing - leave ur insta handles in the comments! Ours is @gohszineclub, now what's yours?

thanks for standing by,
Alyson and Shaylie

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