Monday, January 26, 2015

the pretty committee

okay, for any of you who have read The Clique Series by Lisi Harrison (aka MY TWEENHOOD), this one's for you.

we are forming a Launch Party Committee for anyone interested in
a) being cool
b) making party playlists
c) decorating
d) being nice
e) arranging art
f) picking food
g) being our friend
h) getting what you want at the party as far as all of these things go
i) meeting Miss Natalie Neal before anyone else
j) bossing people
k) being a part of a committee (bc lol college apps, am i right?)

Just kind of imagine that we are the Massies, putting this whole Launch together - except jk because we are doing the actual work and not hiring servants, but i said IMAGINE.

ALSOOOO, we will probably have a little something extra sweet for all of those that sign up. You can sign up either by commenting here, commenting on our Insta (@gohszineclub), or emailing us (

If you do not want to help-help, but might be willing to shed a buck or two, here are some little things that we would also love you for:
a) temporary tattoos (cool ones, if you can)
b) bubbles
c) any coolish food you could bring (let us know before)
d) balloons
f) face paint
e) anything else you think would be nice!

AND FINALLY: we are still taking art for the ART GALLERY that we will be featuring at the Launch! You can send it to us, no matter your location, and can either opt to simply display it or sell it!

flipping mail us and do something cool.

kiss hug kiss hug,
Alyson and/or Shaylie

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