Friday, November 7, 2014

meeting #7

pros and cons of meetin #7:

- went from $5 to $14 YOU GUYS ARE LOOVVEEE thank you for helping ;)
- enthusiasm from you guys about the upcoming endeavors
- interest in staff positions
- got to experience a piece of Natalie Neal's actual work (!!)
- some new faces!

- had an all-time low of 31 people show up

We SOOOOOOO appreciate everyone who has donated! If we keep up at this rate, we may be able to complete the $50 goal!! It seriously makes our hearts smile that you guys care/ believe enough in the project ad message to donate your own money.

What did you guys think of "Rose and Sophia" by Natalie Neal? Colorful, no?
Comment and tell us what you thought!

We have had a little interest in the staff positions and the media position is now taken. If you are interested in fulfilling secretary or heck, if you have your own idea for a position, please let us know and email/text us! We totally want to do fun little events and all that, too, but we really cant do that without some more help (see Jane below :))

We love new faces! Thank you to those new people for showing up! In order to get a well-rounded and diverse zine, we really want to reach as many people as possible with the project and publication. To do so, talk to your friends about the club and how it is a simple and fun way to get involved or even just hang out. Oh, and we have candy or baked goods, like, 50% of the time.

happy nonsense November.
I am going to go watch Dateline now.

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