Thursday, October 2, 2014

meeting #2

meeting #2 turnout: approx. 35 people!

today was so fun, you guys, so thank you for that. thank you to all of the new people for checking us out and for all of the first meeting people for liking us enough to return ;).

we will definitely finish the collages next week, take pix, and incorporate them into the zine. for all of you who gave us your unfinished collage, we have a special cabinet in the room where they are safe.

please submit. that's all we can really say, those two words, but we mean them SO MUCH. your submissions give us a high. we want to get high on your submissions.
(insert disclaimer here)

anyhow, the remind 101 stuff will be up in the "about" page (the pages are the links on the right sidebar).

also, the winning theme for the FIRST EVER ZINE will be posted either tomorrow or this weekend! one thing I heard from a few people was that they needed to see what the theme was before they submit - WRONG. the theme is a loose prompt for you guys and is mainly to give the zine some sort of title. yes, we would prefer the theme to apply to some parts of the zine but it is in no way a rule. as always, the guidelines for submissions are ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING (plus a couple other things on the "submit" page to the right).

and now a message from our advisor, Mrs. Scharf:
"I can't wait to get in trouble for publishing this zine."

Oh, Daria . . .

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