Sunday, September 28, 2014

heartbreak nation zine #1: fantasy

hey guys!

it's Alyson. here is an example of a zine . . . one that I happened to contribute to :). a lot of people don't understand what differentiates a zine from other forms of publication, and I encourage them to look online at what a zine entails and why its aesthetic is so much different from, say, a magazine.

anyhow, check this one out. if any of you are interested in submitting to the next issue of this zine, go hit up Ines at! She's super cool and lives in Spain!

p.s. - thanx to all of the people who asked to help out with Club Rush! anyone can come on over on wednesday if you want to participate. we are totally swamped right now, but we will give you all updates :0

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