Thursday, September 25, 2014


the number of people we had in the club today! cool turnout, guys, and a big fatty thank you for checkin us out and bearing with us and our dorkiness. no pics to post because we were totally way too occupied on making cohesive sentences come out of our mouths in front of you all instead of taking snaps of all of your promising faces. next meeting, promise ;)

looking at the anti-quizzes, you guys really know your stuff :0. some supa cool 3-song playlists, doodles, and an astounding number of you KNEW IT WAS THE VIRGIN SUICIDES!!!!! (a personal excitement for us). and if you didn't know it was THE VIRGIN SUICIDES, we recommend watching/reading it - totally game (life) changer. and the dreams were very telling . . . haha jk, I loved them all.

keep it up and keep making :0

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