Friday, October 3, 2014

submissions are a win-win

heeeeyyy kids,
so we have a proposition for you:
if we get 12 submissions from you all, as a group, by October 16th, then there will be REWARDS TO REAP!!!! And we are not talking one Jolly Rancher - something cool. We don't know yet, but it will be cool.

so, basically, you are getting rewarded for getting your stuff published and your opinion heard. I don't know where you could get a better deal (except, maybe, going thrift shopping with Zoe but that is beside the point).

understand that a "submission" is not necessarily the acrylic painting of your grandmother that you have spent the past six months on (although that works too). It is easy, little, cool pix of your sketchbook pages, little poems, playlists, rants, items of fangirling, and artsy pix of whatever else, too, and ANYTHING ELSE I WAS TOO MAINSTREAM TO MENTION.

in other news, I have been asked how to "become" creative or where to get zine inspo. I would really encourage you all wondering this to look at the majestic, which is a life-changing zine/everything-good-in-the-world hybrid, that taught me 80% of what I now know about zines and culture and ALL THAT GOOD STUFF.

happy weekend and SUBMIT, DARN IT!
Alyson et Shaylie

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