Thursday, October 16, 2014

meeting #4

thanks for a cool turnout and for bringing new friends in today at meeting #4! we had a lot of people - I hesitate to say "full house" - and it was a very good feeling for us.

since there are so many people in the club and it is still in its early (frantic) stages, we haven't had much time to get to know you guys personally or put many names to faces. in the next few weeks we are gonna try to work on that and get everyone knowing each other, because a zine is a community of voices and the personal connections that a person makes with a piece in a zine is kind of the whole point.

hope you guys somewhat enjoyed zentangling, or at least doodling something today and getting that ANGST out. like I said above, it's still early, but we will be getting to some cool(er) stuff soon ;)

don't forget, lemon bars were courtesy of zoe and her mom, so if you want to send her a text of appreciation that is totally okay.

ALSO IMPORTANT is the beginning of funding for the zine. today we received 55 cents, which is greatly appreciated. these zines will only be selling for $1-2 (not for sure exactly the cost is yet), so hordes of money will not be necessary. also, it doesn't have to be money from recycling - we just thought that was a cool and easy idea to make a good handful of cash. there WILL be a box at the next meeting and anything is appreciated :*

the most-liked cereal was fruit loops . . . interesting.

la la la la la la,
Alyson and Shaylie

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