Sunday, October 12, 2014

photo story #1

zoe, our music editor and photography wizard, has come up with some dates and info about the first photo story we are trying to put together!
I put a lot of stuff about what a photo story is and links to examples in the last post, so look there if you were wondering about that.
If you want to come to Zoe's humble abode, hang, play a little dress up and fool around for a while all while feeling GREAT ABOUT YOURSELF because Zoe makes everyone's photos look MAGICAL, then please email us or text us if you have our numbers! We hesitate to put our numbers out here on this web wide WORLD but contact us either of those ways to sign up.

Anyone is welcome, just please message us, preferably by or on Thursday at the latest so we can get numbers. please don't be shy, you guys are awesome, don't doubt it 8)

DATES: October 24th (Fri) - October 26th (Sun)

       there are 3 days so that people could get the chance to participate in the story if there was a scheduling conflict for them on one of the other days. it is not necessary to come all days. please let us know which day(s) you will be coming.

*Zoe is also going to get her older sister, Lexi, to come over and help with things such as makeup and all that jazz. yes, Lexi is magical just like Zoe*

also, we made an instagram, where you can DM us if you want to come, too (@gohszineclub)

please keep submitting! anything will do. we currently have 5/12 submissions, so if you want some lemon bars KEEP WORKIN ;)

Alyson and Shaylie

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