Monday, March 16, 2015

4 . .3 . .2 . .

apologies for not being here for weekly updates, the team and I have been consumed with the upcoming site, second issue, and other little goodies that will be revealed soon enough.

The MAJOR event coming up in FOUR DAYS is the deadline for submissions for Issue #2: "I Don't Know Yet". We like to start work on the issue immediately so that we can have it out at the earliest possible date, so don't be left behind. We have been graced with many great pieces that we cannot wait to show, so MOVE ALONG, NOW and email us your work for the issue at

also, regarding Issue #2 is our long-awaited PHOTO STORY! Our very own ALEAH will be our photographer/director of this shoot, which will take place some time in the second week of spring break. We are still narrowing it down to an exact date(s), but this week's meeting will have a sign up sheet for anyone who would like to contribute as a model or creative mind ;) we. are. psyched.

If you are a columnist or a special contributor to issue #2 (you know who you are), your pieces are also due on March 20th! If you need an extra few days, just let me know and we can figure it all out.

LASTLY (but not leastly)
the hunt for regular contributors for our print issues and upcoming website is ongoing! we are thrilled to have the group that we have accumulated so far, but do not hesitate to apply at! Regular contributors to the site will submit a piece of creative work every week, which will then be featured on the site! NOTE: anyone, no matter location, can apply! can't wait to have you ;)
stay tuned,
Alyson ;0

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