Friday, March 6, 2015

the Z-team

cause you know, we're on each other's team . . .

don't hate me . . .
Zine Club is looking to construct a team of boss artists, DIY'ers, writers, columnists, playlist-makers, photographers, and all other creative animals to feed our new, under-development site (more news to come) with content weekly!

With our online and social media presence growing rapidly, we have decided to create our own domain and site that can extend the creativity to Zine Clubbers not in the immediate Great Oak area. Our lovely media editor ALEAH has been on a hiatus, but has been working behind the scenes on the new platform, which should premier in the next 6 weeks or so. If interested in applying for a contributor/team member position, please email us ( or DM us on our insta (@gohszineclub) with a sample of your work!!! We are super dee duper EXCITED and can't wait to work with you amazing children.

members of the team will receive (but not lmtd to):
- first mention of news/events
- invites to team meetings and plannings
- freedom on websites/social media forums to post what they want
- club merch
- copies of every zine
- input on every aspect of event planning
- a large audience listening (reading) patiently as you express your opinion
- credit whenever we pull off something AWESOME!!!

In other news, the deadline for ISSUE #2: "I don't know yet", is MARCH 20th!!!!!!
Time is closing in, and we are hungry for your work! Please: this is not High Class Art Pubication, Vol. 5 - do not stress about the "quality" of your submission. Even if you send us a doodle, we are able to incorporate most works together in the zine. Every little thing is lovely ;)

Only 11 copies of Issue #1 left at the shop! It is amazing (AND HELLA FLATTTERING) that you all have enough interest in us to spend $3 (plus $2 s&h) of your hard-earned moolah on our leetle project ;)
Now that we have some sort of funding, more copies of Issue #2 will be made, so we will not run out as fast.

My glorious babe friend (whom I met in line at the Rookie Yearbook 3 Dance Party!), Justine Dorsey, was just featured in the Huffington Post and released her new single and music video, Cliché (!!!!!). This song is too on point FOR WORDS, and for those who can't relate to the message will even take some inspiration from the seductively trippy theme and Grand Budapest Hotel-looking décor. Follow Justine the Queen at @justinedorsey!

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